A designer should have a willingness to read the material, to discuss it thoughtfully and passionately, and to develop visual components that expand the read while still working within the publication's architecture.

~ Martin Venezky, Art Director, Speak magazine
{Art Direction and Editorial Design by Yolanda Zappaterra (Abrams Studio)}

CSE Identity Design, Inc.

We are a graphic design studio specializing in print communications, or in other words, anything using ink and paper. From small business collateral such as business cards and marketing kits to large corporation event materials and monthly publications, we can work with you to create your look, follow an existing look, collaborate with printers and deliver files for your project on budget and on time.

Our number one goal is to deliver a product that makes our clients say, “Wow, we love it!” When we hear this, we know we have been successful. It has become an addiction that drives us to keep producing work that exceeds our clients expectations — we thrive on getting that next fix! See what our clients have to say here >>

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